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Grossmünster, Zürich Switzerland


In a recent post titled A New Swiss Badge, I made a Swiss Hive Badge for the Swiss Hive Community initiated by @sandymeyer. It's a Badge that everyone will receive for attending our regular monthly meet ups in Zurich Hardbrücke or for other special efforts, contributing to our soon to be growing community around Switzerland. Specially people from our blockchain who visit Switzerland and make efforts to connect to other hive mind communities.

While posting the Swiss Hive Badge I cited a post I made on the 12th of April 2020, titled elaborate hive, where I made a slightly different version of the Hive logo. Inspired by @roelandp and his original Hive logo design I added a 3d aspect to it and shifted the H.

Later, I made another badge logo for the @indiaunited community titled India Hive Badge

Community Building

Me and @sandymeyer actually met at a skater park in August 2019 with his brother and made a post about it titled 2 brothers. What struck me is that I wrote something about indifference and being unique. I do talk to a lot of people randomly, but I pick up specific energy readings, so I really end up tuning in to some good vibes before I approach strangers. They often turn out to be exceptional. I think we all have the ability to pick up on certain anecdotes, even if it's just movement or someone holding a camera. The fact that me and @sandymeyer love photography and film is only one of the very many things that connect us.


A little while back I was scrolling through my feed and saw a post by @sandymeyer . I had no idea it was him, because I had only met his brother a couple of times later but @sandymeyer only once. I thought wow, someone in Switzerland is pushing my favorite community on the blockchain. I just wondered who it was. Here, it feels more like you're a part of something, then just being on here. You're from the hive. While watching his videos, I knew there was something humble about him that really spoke to me. This down to earth dude. So I reached out to @sandymeyer on discord and he gave me his number.
We decided to meet up pretty much two weeks ago and it took a while for us to figure out that we had already met before. I'm always surprised when I meet people from the hive. It's as if we're all connected by this one mind and understand this common right to liberty and freedom. It's like walking around being not just one, but from the many. Apart from the fact that a lot of hive citizens probably like reading, each is one of a kind. That actually happens to be every city I go to. When I meet someone from the hive, they're different in a very positive way. Maybe someone reading this, has probably already met me and knows I always like getting in touch in real life.

The intention of our meeting was clearly that I wanted to propose a venue for regular meetings to promote the Hive Blockchain to new comers, sign them up, show them how keys work and why hive is so powerful. I think it's important for people to know that community isn't nepotism. We're one Hive mind with very basic values. No Plagiarism, being good actors and proof of brain really matters and it what sets us apart in many aspects. Formatting, original content, respect etc. and how highly regarded it is here really are a good basis to evolve into more than just a repository that people engage with. As a blockchain for time stamping publications and intellectual property the fundamental values that hive is based on really distinguish us and it's important to convey this spirit. To me Social media the way people know it, is somewhere, where you're alone and owned by a corporation like f*bo. It's not just that you're commodity and treated that way by a corporation, but some get this peer pressure to portray themselves in ways that don't promote creativity but consumerism. Hive is more than just a beacon of light on the horizon. Honestly our sidechain is so undervalued. It can be tabbed into so much more! I think after listening to a lot of @theycallmedan videos, it's the potential is more to me than me just agreeing with him about community building. Once you tell people about hive and show them how cool it is, they will understand it quite intuitively. Specially the way our UI is evolving. It's just the tip of the ice berg? It's really about time we on board more people. I think there's no better way to do this, then doing it live. Meeting up with laptops or phones and showing #ecency, #nftshowroom, #3speak #hivesearcher, specially #peakd, #etherchest emerging opportunities such as #hivelist etc. just opens up a whole new world to anyone unfamiliar with it. It's much more tangible as opposed to just talking about it. You make them do it.

The Zurich Badge

I'd like to start by mentioning that our hive meetup event is on the 30th of September in Zürich Hardbrücke at 20.30. Anyone who has an account or doesn't, is welcome. You can get the details on our Discord Channel. We will also make an official announcement with a post.

For this special event, attendees will receive a Swissness Badge and a Zurich Badge. Our Swiss Hive Community also has a Swiss Hive badge. We will also launch a Badge for excursions like hikes, mushroom hunting, and other activities hopefully curated and initiated by a future community.

Badge Logo Design Process

I started with a few examples and wanted to send them to @sandymeyer to get his opinion. I actually wanted him to to give me constructive criticism, but he hesitated. lol. Insight is always welcome.

I initially came up with examples like this, that didn't really make me happy:


This is, considering that the following is Zurich's Code of Arms:


So Sandy told me that I should go back to the original Hive Logo and figure something out. Then this just showed up in my minds eye immediately. Basically produced by our common effort, came this:


It resonated with me because of the block, blocks, in a row, chains but still a visible 'H' for Hive. A new version of a Hive Logo was born. I also did plenty more where this is coming from.

Certainly, I had to change the Logo Colors and style, include the Zurich Code of Arms and came up with this:


With a slightly different color and a little addition, I made one for the excursions:


All Designs were made using Inkscape. - It's an awesome open source software because I can't afford illustrator.

Thank you for reading.

shadow_fw_new .png

Abundance to everyone

Previous Illustrations, graphics or paintings I made and posted on Hive:

shadow_fw_new .png

'Material, body, flesh and external things are ephemeral, so are all your desires. Every soul has a presence beyond, which energy signatures leave traces beyond our visual spectrum valued by the soul that perceives it. If you tune in to all your senses, you might experience them all combined to one sense. Witness the embodied presence of beings connected to something far greater and older than our current understanding' - @yangyanje

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