A New Swiss Badge



In a post on the 12th of April 2020 titled elaborate hive, I was inspired by the Hive Logo version designed by @roelandp. Excited and motivated about our independence, I recreated a similar version inspired by the original, using @roelandp ingenious blueprint:


I pictured a block or cube and tried working with simple colors and without using any gradients.

It's also found at the end of my closing animation gif, I had some fun with when we forked from S****.

Played around a bit more, but never really finishing a version for a badge, having in mind to somehow donate it to the community. So the next version just ended up being an idea. This was done using adobe illustrator on my old computer, that literally left me hanging while I was trying to back it up. I recently stepped up my game with a newer machine. Stopped using Adobe softwares entirely around 5 months ago. Since I bought a new computer, I started using open source softwares like Inkscape to do vector graphics. It's funny that I don't even miss that many of the conveniences. I think open source softwares are principally such a great concept that should be supported


A Swissness Badge

A while back @nathanmars asked me to create a Swiss Hive Community and organise weekly meetings. As I joined this community oriented blockchain in August 2017(4 Years ago) and been enthusiastic about it ever since, I thought it would be great to find likeminded people all over Switzerland and bring them together at a location. I actually found a venue in Zurich Hardbrücke that fits ideally. Thanks to @sandymeyer, who actually went ahead and created the group, there is now a Swiss Hive, which got me super excited. Specially since I have been trying to onboard people from Switzerland, for which I only started using my referral link. There's also a Swiss Badge created by @sandymeyer already.

As some of you know, I am not a 100% Swiss and partially lived in the US for quite some time, various parts of Asia and my ancestors are from India. Zurich although, is my birthplace.

After recently joining the Swiss Hive or #hive-132175, I decided that I wanted to make a Logo or a Badge for people who would join an actual physical meeting and help organising them as well as invite new people to these meetings to physically show what hive can do. It's great to discuss the revenue process, the many Dapps, how the consensus works and to explain why the hive is so community driven. I imagine a place where we can have presentations and discuss about our Blockchain and it's very evident potential as a specialised solution and possibly communities for various future DAO economies.

Here's a version of the Swiss Hive Badge I created for the Swiss Hive Community and their possible future meetings:


My Idea would be to award people from anywhere in the world with this badge who physically attended one of the future monthly Hive meetings or events from the Swiss Hive community. The Badge can be found @badge-181291

We are looking forward to receiving support as well as enthusiasm from citizens of the hive from Switzerland or anywhere else in the world.

Here's another version with a black hexagon that makes it square.


shadow_fw_new .png

Previous Illustrations, graphics or paintings I made and posted on Hive:

shadow_fw_new .png

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'Everything is ephemeral. Nothing is momentary, and it too will fade in the myst of time' - @yangyanje

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