Cabbage Breaks B-Day (Vegan)

Cabbage Breaks

@needapencil was throwing a B-Day Party. I on boarded @needapencil, showed various steem front ends like #appics, explained feeds and a few basics quite recently. Only a handful of creatives I encouraged to publish, have actually used Steem so far. I figured that one legion will joined the bandwagon effortlessly, while others might need more aspiration for their first post. Immersed in a world where communities unfold in an effort liberate humanity from corporate monopolies and oligarchic lobbyism, steemians share a very positive prospective vision for the future. How could dapps and published content in respective domains not be the solution to subjective mass consumerism in an age where humans on assembly lines are already the numb submissive sheep's of yesterday? There is no other place where creatives are that appreciated and encouraged by other creatives with the right vision for a better tomorrow. They Gathered their minds here. Be it Video, Photography, art music, recipes or sharing personal endeavours for achieving health benefits or sharing ones journey with others, I learn something new on steem every day and get fuelled with inspiration. The amount of true value created by steemians has shaped and improved my life since 3 years now. I am pretty confident that the way DPOS is playing out on steem is anything but a centralised system and the recent reaction to the hostile takeover has only showed the community that we have voted for the right witnesses. The actions recently taken have only proven that decentralisation and community are in the best interest for our hive mind along with the collective governing of a democratised system. Whether you are someone staking, a witness or just here to earn your steem, I see steem as the potential for a future internet. Having followed a lot of news on youtube, listening to the takes of non steemians about our internal democracy or the recent events, only makes me hold back on trying to prove to anyone how bloody decentralised we truly are. I know i'm in the right place. I am happy to let the main stream think whatever they want, because we are headed towards being a web 3.0 in our own way. Everyone that was here during the bear market, believed in what we were all doing, saw the side chain pop up called steem engine, RC's and all the amazing dapps and infrastructure we kept building, aiming for decentralisation and liberty know that we are a truly remarkable Network of hive mind communities. As numerous people have their reasons to use Steem, some tend to see the value of assets and dapps and might find such economies more transformative than others. I can't see how any of it would play out otherwise than prevailing such hostility whilst facing the hurdles and overcoming them?


Time stamping publications, memories and experiences, sharing it with your family or friends, having a blog? A diary to record your experiences? Can you relate to other fellow Steemian creatives because real tangible, applicable and utilitarian value is shared here?

Maybe you have just been wondering who reads your blog anyways? A digital cloud diary, ephemeral social media, staking into data ownership or owning ones repository, who would not want a piece of a future digital resource? The bank of the future, a currency with indirect exchange? Why would that not appreciate in a world or corporate enslavement in the midst of automation and the beginning of the augmented age. Just think about the horrific scenarios of the second world war. People will pity us for having had to exchange our time for subjective paper, controlled by major banks and corporations in the future. If you think freedom of information has been a revolution with the internet, brace yourself for what lies ahead! Even if my data is lost, I would have been someone who'd stake in liberty and an immutable timestamp amongst others preserving their intellect and thoughts for an eternity. Exactly 10 years ago I understood that giving power and trust to one central entity makes it's operating costs more expensive as opposed to each part of a whole playing it's responsible role to uphold transparency, quality and standards. Distribution of created value becomes another obstacle. While governments can't keep their promises, social welfare and health care systems collapse due to their high costs, entering this paradigm also means to see the redundant and old ways vanish. I still run a business and do international remittances from which banks profit immensely. To an Austro libertarian born in Switzerland and raised all over the world, Bitcoin is a dream come true. When one thinks about the underlying tech, scalability, running costs and community what else is out there apart from us other than ethereum?? Maybe for someone in the future it's easier to comprehend this paradigm. To many the token economics and thetheory of money and credit makes little sense. Finally the markets will decide and that decision will determine liberty. I think we must act more responsibly and democracy isn't the solution. Maybe limiting leviathan with this tech is ! Anything to intervene or oppose that future of liberty now tells me nothing else but that humanity is enslaved. No governments should have the right to divide humanity as a people. The past 70 years has shown us just how governments manipulate and irresponsibly misuse fiscal policies. Bretton woods, Basel 3, BCBS, IMF are not going to save humanity. Bitcoin to me is already the world reserve currency. Whatever tech we got now, it's time to replace the buggies and horse carriages. To make it tangible, we are already a new country and citizens of the hive. Once we bridge further into the physical world, which we are, there is nothing stopping this. There is no turning back already, we are headed to light. If we don't want EOS KYC's or China facial recognition, then one of the techs at hand here could be a world where big brother wont watch you Shh..(I mean do what ever you do)

The joy in sharing content, publications and art on Steem front ends is hard to describe to ordinary people who still use facebook or instagram or centralised subjective system that coax through offering free communication for everyone, but mainly to fill out advertising algorithms through providing data, that in turn violate user privacy? Likes have the same value where self pride, prestige can become a mania of self portrayal. I don't honestly care much for the opinions of anyone unable to assess my work, but believe that all opinions should get Voice in their respective segments. We can be much more than just social media incentivising it's users. Our value can circulate and be exchanged for products and services. A wide range of DAO's like Bed and Breakfast, Wokaways and countless market places can be engineered using the scarcity principle.

Surely the power of utility in a platform like steem can not just be seen as inexpensive and scalable, but the proof of brain algorithmic concept is surely hinting content creators to share true value, contributing to a vast repository of encyclopaedic knowledge and personal experiences. In a platform used as an alternative to even WIPO, who would resort to plagiarism? Maybe regular social media consumers are ignorant about it or just would choose to get down voted?

If I am one of your followers, Then I would still read your post if you posted every 2 months or so. Posting pressure? I would never dare to expect consistency and posting frequency from anyone I follow, because I like the content quality and not the quantity! I truly love all the people I do follow from the depth of my heart! So next time you make are gone for a year, I will probably still follow you and gladly welcome you back as soon as I see your latest post.

@needapencil, is one of my 5 favourite graphic designers in Switzerland. Aware of tagging, I intended that you don't miss the posts if you do like some @needapencil art i'm gonna share here in this post.

It was Need a Pencil's B-Day . NAP is a quite popular and known Graphic Designer, specially for the Hip Hop scene and also paints awesome Graffiti. When I was invited, I could not believe that it was gonna be literally just me, sister, one of both our friend's and another friend dancer that we met met later in the club. Immersed in our cooking session, I was shocked to see my fitbit step count on both days. We were surely rocking that dance floor as if we were in the bronx in the 70s, keeping it real to some Breaks. I have to be honest that they actually had to drag me to the club in the rain that day, but it was surely worth arriving with my wet tabis, drenched in rain water due to the impossible to avoid puddles while it was just pouring.


Lately Asian Foods like saté and mushroom sauces, cooking with rice vinegar and veggies have just been cravings and phantasies of mine that I needed to turn reality. Yes, I am on the Asian Fusion Cuisine lately. What a better opportunity than to just drop for a session at one of my favourite graphic designer's @needapencil for a Saigon cypher. Dance sessions included.




Firstly I had got some Spelt Seitan and some vegan Chorizo Sausages. I made two dishes, one of which was the Salsa Chorizo (Vegan), in case you wanted to just focus on the cabbage veggie dish.


Salsa Chorizo

  • Tomato Pilati

  • Spelt Seitan

  • Chorizo Seitan (Wheaty Spacebars)

  • Onions

  • Garlic

  • Oregano

  • Red Wine

  • Soy Sauce

  • Boullion

  • Cayenne Pepper or Chili Powder

  • Paprika (Smoked) - Optional

Cabbage White Sauce

  • White Wine

  • Velvet Pioppini Mushrooms

  • Carrots (Purple ones too)

  • Garlic

  • Oregano

  • Onion

  • Kale

  • Soy Sauce

  • Mushroom Sauce

  • Soy Sauce (make sure you use a nicely fermented one with less preservatives like Tamari - makes a difference)

  • Peanut Oil / Coconut Oil / Olive Oil

  • Nutritional Yeast/ Regular Yeast/ Home Made Yeast (optional)

  • Coconut Milk / Coconut Cream

  • Bouillon

  • Pasta Noodles (Shell)

  • Flour (Whole Wheat, Buckwheat) / Any that suits your preference


Firstly you need a Frying Pan, which I also used for a Sauce or Fond of the White Sauce.
Secondly we need a pan to heat up the Sugo with just garlic, Bouillon and a few drops of Soy Sauce.
We also need to keep in mind that we need another Pan for the Shell Pasta Noodles.


Heat up Tomatoes in Pan with Bouillon and add Garlic throughout
Add Spelt Seitan to Frying pan and fry in a bit of oil, Soy Sauce and Cayenne Pepper/Powder.
Put ca. 1 Liter of Water into frying pan, add Mushroom Sauce, Garlic and a bit of flour and Bouillon.


Cut Carrots, add to frying pan. Wait a bit and then add the Savoy Cabbage and later the Mushrooms
Add Vegan Chorizo Sausages to Seitan, some vinegar and keep deglazing with Soy Sauce
Add Oregano to both dishes


Cut Onions Mire Poix and add to Seitan .
Add Kale to Veggies and mix . You can also add the onions now.(Sliced looks nice)
Add Red Wine to Tomato Sauce and cook until it thickens slightly


Add Coconut Milk
Add Seitan and Vegan Chorizo Sausages to Tomato Sauce

Ready to Break!


shadow_fw_ .png

Bonus Recipe

Break the Jack

I thought I should share my last session with @needapencil with y'all. I basically knew she had lentils and brought some Jackfruit with me. Cooked it in a fond and added a Tomato Sauce. The Jackfruit recipe is also in my list, but this one basically differs because I added lentils in the fond.


This is a picture from just before I make the Sauce. The fond is already cooked and took around 45-50min.


Here I added the Sugo with ginger, Garlic and Onions to the Jackfruit after slightly heating it up in a bit of olive oil.


Et Voila!

shadow_fw_ .png


On a Birthday, you'd normally bring a gift. @needapencil gave me a Canvas to choose from, which literally almost made me weep because I was so touched.


If anyone else was willing to show up, she was armed and ready with giveaways such as Hand Painted Canvases and other awesome merch like magnets, stickers tea cups etc.

Here are all my previous recipes, in case you feel like trying something else:

Thanks for stopping by. and i'm looking forward to reading your recipes and to posting more simple and effective plant based recipes.

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Sometimes asking people a series of moral question beyond their comprehension can cause them to rethink their actions. They also might relieve you or any judgement or accusations if they consider your moral standpoint to be more evolved. It's not called manipulation - Soan Shinobi a @yangyanje original

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