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Grossmünster, Zürich Switzerland Introduc

India Hive Badge

I was looking for a wall to paint behind the taj somewhere so I could

A New Swiss Badge

Introduction In a post on the 12th of April 2020 titled

The Hive Matrix

A long awaited piece

My First NFT

NFT's All over the news, NFT's became a big hype nowadays. Around the art scene in my close vicinity too. Familiar to us here, @aggroed mentioned

yangyanje 2.0

Yang 2.0 How's my favourite decentralised

Green Graffiti

Bridges and Plants Introduction Recently I saw a post challenge called "move it" on #naturalmedicine. At times it really feels contemporar

The Kid Mirror

Inspiration for a Lifetime A little more than a year ago, a friend of mine told me about her kid. I mentioned her in one of my posts on

Elaborate Hive

Basic Version The Hive Block Dear Hive-Mind


Charity and Dentistry Access to facilitie

Teko Kato

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Inktober - Frail

Inktober- Frail INKING TIME! Inktober and it's prompts were so awesome and I didn't get around doing tha