GCG Hot Sauce

My french neighbour makes this great hot sauce. He is an amazing cook and a really smart person to have great conversations with. He makes different kinds of hot sauces. Green, Red, Yellow. One of the yellow ones has this amazing exotic taste. It's with mangos, pears, turmeric.... He needed a Logo for his hot sauce and asked me to do one. I did several. This is one of the many example ideas that did NOT make it to the printer.

Wanted to share it here:

Golf Corse Gator aka GCG was born. Inspired by a Gator on a golf course being a danger sign in Florida now days, the idea of a dangerous habanero hot sauce became a reality in Switzerland. Some chilis grow really well in the alps during the season

btw. Florida! There are some dangerous alligators out there. Some have the potential to become humongous.


A few months in I pointed out this organic food approved kitchen and he made several of this completely vegan and organic hot sauce.

The official logo became the one on the bottle here:

This logo would forever change the way I illustrate logos. Today they look different. I will share more soon. I was honoured to be a part of this amazing idea.

Looking forward to comments and up votes. If you would like to try the hot sauce you can always contact Mr. Rusmini.