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Recently I saw a post challenge called "move it" on #naturalmedicine. At times it really feels contemporary to join these challenges unwillingly, because it happens to be exactly what i'm doing. Always being on the move. I rarely get featured and I am guessing its due to my unconformity? (cynical sarcasm, lol). I remember never having to leave the classroom because I disrespected my teacher, but probably for being a bad example because I slept in class. No wonder I did? I sneaked out my window at 1am the night before and cycled half way across the state. To be honest the conformity feels like homework, if it's not something one is coincidentally doing currently in one's life? Why does it have to feel like I need to do something specific to be a part of a reward pool? Haven't we been encouraged to follow herds long enough? Here, each one of us could be a leader of the flock for a challenge? Could it also be because we are all leaders? In my opinion some of the alternative outcomes are another google copy pasting of the millionth post on kurkuma! (Am I sarcastic again?) Been asking myself if the delegators, hivemind leaders and alpha bloggers need to keep a certain work flow for people(peasants in a DPOS social class hierarchy) on hive to have the network perform the potential revenue? Are we training them for the future? Surely we should also be able to create content as value added incentive to advertisers, who stake in hive for the future? Publishers could get that ad revenue, which now corporations are still getting on the commonly used old internet? Now who would wanna miss out on that revolution? Surely not the ones who could post more original and creative content?


To be absolutely humble, and at the least disdainful with the above paragraph, #naturalmedicine gave me so much in the past year plus, because it's something that I can not only relate to. With that, I mean literally much more apart from my yellow kurkuma fingers. It reminds me of who I am and that I am on a journey which I share in common with many people who find #naturalmedicine. ... and Kurkuma, Termeric (Oder Gelbwurz) also. I think my Solar plexus chakra(Minipura-मणिपूर) is glowing in pulses while writing this... This is also why I would like to show my deepest form of gratitude to @riverflows, @artemislives, @bewithbreath and obviously the many others I haven't mentioned that committed to manual curations and efficiently executed and run these awesome challenges. They deserve to be mentioned!

I came across a post once where a person describes how he doesn't know what to post about. How about kurkuma? I did not believe what I was reading, because human words, sounds and the known is no restriction for the innate morphogenetic fields one can tune into and capture. I only see infinite growth potential for all of us. Curators and Programmers of challenges that need to give people ideas makes me think...Why do people look at their post rewards and still don't get what this is about? I am not complaining about posts on kurkuma that make more than great scientific articles or deep dives, but it's also something that happens. It doesn't matter. I guess not all the whales are idiots? If they were, why would they stake here?

Has anyone heard about "Sacha Inchi"?


Plukenetia volubilis, known as sacha inchi, sacha peanut, mountain peanut, Inca nut or Inca-peanut, is a perennial plant in the family Euphorbiaceae. It contains EPA and DHA. Eicosapentaenoic (EPA), Docosahexaenoic (DHA). Omega 3. The reason for me to write this, is because it ensures your brain cell membrane liquidity. What could that mean? Doctors have argued that the bio-availability in fish skin from Salmon of Sardines of it is higher than in plant based foods, like from Walnuts for instance. Several papers have been released, that prove that there is so much more so called superfood out there that we don't even know about. These have bio-active nutrients that our human bodies synthesise even better. Yes, they are plant based! Just a quick side note. I still wonder if people where I live, even realise that bananas don't grow here indigenously ?

For the longest time I have also been admiring #cleanplanet. Many of us here on hive truly have the power to make a difference. We can look back at people that were cleaning a forest, while others were posting their glamour, sparkle duck face selfies with their gucci bags on shit-star-kilos. We are the internet of the future, and if you don't want to be a part of this, face it! Your freudian lies are being exposed! I am also not going to get into persuasive design in western consumerism and also not into eugenics yet. We haven't even started! Be alone or be the many! I once cleaned and filmed but I never edited it. I think we should all curate 30sec to 2min videos and encourage people to do more videos on #3speak for clean planet. I would die for free speech!

When you go out there, you can say that you are not one, but the many speak through you. You are the hivemind!

I can imagine someones essential oils making revenue and that being staked in hive, people using it to create recipes, sharing them and the voting power of that revenue incentivising people for being advertisers in a reward pool that can make up a scarce online marketing asset. One that has the power to reach the right people because of a proof of brain consensus? I think we can imagine what products, services, companies or small businesses we would want to encourage to stake in hive or which ones should come here as investors?

iphone8 selfie. A build in full mask. I can see through the fabric on my eyes. Self designed Hoody Patterns. Intricately layered, premium high quality knit, made up of recycled materials. Hoody with Zipper. Several styles made. Will be available for sale on hive soon.

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On The Move

Don't get confused by the title, I am still an aerosol phene!

Having too many Ideas and only one life, is one of my biggest dilemmas. I can't sleep too much and I can't realise every idea I have. When I sleep, I wake up dreaming of an idea, my body stands and I open my eyes. Then i'm up. I don't sleep much but it isn't insomnia. I am up at 8 and sleep at 4. If I sleep at 12, 1 or 2 am, I wake up an hour and a half before sunrise to a dream that guides me into my next activity. Meditation helps me to relax. I also grabbed a Rudraksha Mala to train the harmony of chanting mantras tuned to my charkras 108 times, which helps me remain in harmony and at peace. The melodies and harmony of chanting is a trance that for me, has little to do with anything religious. I find it highly sophisticated and related to kundalini energy.

Powers of 1, 2, and 3 in math: 1 to 1st power=1; 2 to 2nd power=4 (2×2); 3 to 3rd power=27 (3x3x3). 1x4x27=108.

Pythagorean: The nine is the limit of all numbers, all others existing and coming from the same. ie: 0 to 9 is all one needs to make up an infinite amount of numbers. A circle? 360º x 30º = 10,800.

Rhythm, breath, vocals...


At times I need to pace up, which is mostly during social gatherings and while networking with amazing people, timing meetings and having to be punctual. If I would always sync my fitbit with #actifit, I could be in the top 20 on the leadership board every day. Posting an actifit report everyday just for the incentive seems laborious? I love to post an occasional good report and put in a lot of efforts. I would need another life for only actifit reports? #actifit is a great app and it's also one of my favourite projects on hive! I wish Swiss medical insurances would use actiit and hive instead of trying to do their own industry blockchain. Makes me think of decentralised healthcare. It seems as if they don't realise that even that paradigm could be ending?

The Posting really helps me to lay some ideas down. It also encourages me to start and finish projects. What really uplifts me, are amazing people who are doing activities I can strongly relate to. People like @shimozurdo, @nowargraffitis, @djlethalskillz, @termitemusic, @d-vine, @vincentnijman and many more, to whom I have also metaphorically dedicated parts this post. What is amazing about this new internet, is that it makes each of us many in one. It's that we own our data and we can create a repository for our publications. For artists this is amazing, because we can send a video, or a post with some art work or music to a contractor or employer for commissioned assignments? Also, to be able to save some images on a cloud where people appreciate and respect original content is worth more than gold. Too bad if some of your friends who aren't on hive don't see the value in this? I would stake for you to be able to store your data, hivemind! With so much data and too little hard drive space for all my photography, art, video footage and music, I am motivated to edit, finish tracks for videos, even arm my cams and a tripod for more footage and think of an infinite amount entertaining ideas that I always wanted to do. ohhh, hold on...where do I start?

Next to all of this I also have a main job that I am supposed to do, for which all my creative hobbies are just practice. I haven't made any income with it for the past 6 months and i'm only now able to rectify that. A one man army for marketing, the cost in my country is too high to employ someone and still be competitive. The nature of my work in life needs to have some degree or form of professionalism that suits corporate aesthetics but is unyielding when it comes to bending to it. I was way to early with my business being an idealist, discouraged by sceptics in a country where innovation happens within nepotism. Now people are remembering that I was one of the first to try something beyond what people called sustainable and I never used that CSR word. This is a very questionable fact, considering that the alternative was deploying child labour and causing negative retroactions towards our environment. Imagine then having people tell you "your business will never sell", because they think that the alternative is the cheap solution the importers and wholesalers need to get their profit margins? Some retailers actually started caring, because we, the consumers demand it. I knew deep inside, that people cared and I never gave up...- Most don't understand my business, because I chose a specific service that does not exist. Why would I do anything else? There are enough people wearing certain clothes because others do. While people stay home close to their warm chimney's in a cold night without moving, others break in the cold. Can what is aesthetically pleasing be anything else but a common image or that? Can that image be redefined in modern times? Can we escape conceptualisations that turned into dogmas?

To me, status is not a louis vuitton bag made from an innocent baby alligator that was skinned alive!

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The Shinobi Moves

Gubrist construction site.

The swiss love their tunnels. In Switzerland we don't just like our holes in the cheese. In fact our country is full of secret army bases. They say, that more than half of the swiss alps are hallow. Secret cities hidden within inconspicuous mountains, can apparently house 3 times the Swiss population. Of course, what do I know? I am not a high ranking army official from the Swiss military, but I do know some seriously important people who told me other, less commonly known stuff I would not want to write here.

What else would I do other than jump a fence, sneak passed a security guard and explore the tunnels they are building? A 3.2 KM tunnel and a construction project of 890 Million Swiss Franks is surely heavily guarded. I obviously chose a day the site was shut and no one but the security guards were working. When it rains, the guards usually stay in a car and petrol the concrete areas of the site. This leaves a lot of spaces to sneak by them. Before jumping a fence I noticed that I wasn't the first. I therefore chose a very different way to get in. Some fences were even unnecessarily damaged, because these guys must have been to Fat to climb a fence? I also wondered why one would cut the wire of a fence one can literally jump with two steps in one onset? I don't believe in damaging anything, destroying private property and drawing too much attention towards me during such excursions. I just can't stop myself from getting an adrenaline kick and satisfying my curiosity about such enormous construction projects.

Approaching the site from the other side, I noticed that they had to rebuild an entire bridge there, which was quite an achievement. Having checked it out annually, while it was under construction, the area seemed to become an exciting terrain. This bridge is actually a legendary insider for Artists from the early 90s, to which I should not add more to at this point.

Of course I would never paint there, because it's illegal. (lol) Or would I, because no one cares? Leave your comments below. I would love to hear some opinions.

Knowing of plenty such places, I realised that one can't share this with many others. I mean other painters as well. So many people poke their nose into whats not their business. Others like to tell you what you should or should not do? How you should or should not move. Suggestions can be made?----"Watch your posture!", "turtle neck" - that's love tho!

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At various spots with the wrong caps/tips, broken and old cans, I was trying out painting for the first time without my usual neuropathic issues that affects certain muscles. I went to various spots and ended up not being able to paint because of several reasons lately. Since about 2 weeks, I can do most movements with my previously inhibited right shoulder. Growing up on Brands like Sparvar and later Belton since 1994/95, I remember doing entire pieces in banana caps or pink phat caps. Painting with a new york fat cap for outlines, still being a classic I am looking forward to. I haven't done much painting in a while. Graffiti was always my first love. I always wanted to give it more love lately.

I finally had my moment with some left over colors.
I decided to just do a quick fresstyle. We arrived at a wall and wanted to go over a rather boring space that was cramped and limited. Next to the wall a guy had coated a space. That dude had mad so street credibility for me, knowing who he was. He is a humble dude and luckily liked us. He offered us a bit of space, he had coated with gray primer on the right side next to where he painted.

Only having limited colors, I tried avoiding to fill in the entire shapes and instead, using as little as necessary for an efficient and economical utilisation of color quantity.

@beastart, who joined me, painted the right 3 letters BES and the female character.

For those of you, who have trouble reading the letters. I did try to keep it as simple as I could. All of this really helped me get back to feeling the can, motion and movement.


I also wanted to share some food I cooked recently for a community that shares a common piece of land, that I will soon write a post about. Spinach I made for Tobias and a Soy veacken style curry that most could mistake for meat were also amongst the dishes. Obviously all 100% Vegan.

@needapencil and me hung out so I could show how to make Soy taste meaty and intrigue meat eaters with a taste many are unfamiliar with. Ready made vegan products are usually flavoured for a common mass appeal that's pretty sterile. Many are unaware of the various ways one can cook them, changing their texture etc. and specially making them from the ground up. One can weave and synthesise foods, use food processors or buy them ready made.

Visiting a friend at a new place I found close towards the mountains along a magical valley called Turben, I took some Jackfruit with me, as no one there ever tried it. I made a Jackfruit curry and simply Oyster Mushrooms fried in olive oil, with a clove of garlic, salt and pepper. Its something I commonly make. This one reminds people of butter chicken, but surely without the bones and corpse and blood taste.

At Tobias, I recently also cooked a Chinese Spinach dish for him which was my #fruitsandveggiesmonday

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