Inktober - Frail

Inktober- Frail


Inktober and it's prompts were so awesome and I didn't get around doing that many, as this month has been a financial blackhole in terms of my regular business, that needed some fixing.

While on the phone, listening to podcasts, music and audio books late night, I sketched around this page and would call it more of a scribble. As soon as I knew the 'Frail' prompt, I thought of Frail minds that are submissive to subjective values, such as paper money, mass conditioning, feel most comfort in groupthink and trusting central organisations like governments, their institutions regardless of their affiliation with a world corporate oligarchy.

My Idea was that corporations are on a circuitboard and also in the clouds, because cloud computing is done mostly by the four. Also had to add chemical cartel I.G. Farben who ran German concentration camps and were acquitted during the Nuremberg trials and later went ahead to form the FAO. Namely BASF, Bayer and Hoechst ran the camps. They then hid behind Psychiatry, which is not even a science due to the uncertain side effects of pharmaceuticals known as psychopharmacology to continue their experiments legally to date. Companies that made up the Association IG Farben who ran the concentration camps and their Lobbyist counterparts continued to violate human rights. Being instrumental to Psychiatry it was an inviting opportunity to lock up people with so called 'conditions' and make experiments all over the western hemisphere until the 1980s in close psychiatric institutions. Possibly they still are experimenting and killing people that are locked up in closed psychiatric clinics against their will even today? Many of the Food Corporations owned by chemical companies know the side effects and obviously also have the antidote for you. Known as the Codex Alimentarius, they also make the frame works and regulations that govern the WHO, the EFSA and the FDA and define the Tarifs of food and drugs in the WTO. I don't want to get too much in detail about the Rockefeller Foundation. Whether Julian Huxley, his brother Aldous Huxley(author of brave new world), Alan Touring and many others were a part of a greater plan is for you to discern.

I also added food companies that are owned by the same companies that make GMO Foods, additives for processed foods that contain toxins and free radicals that our bodies and biomes constantly have to battle with. Nevertheless I am also living in a country where I pay taxes for them to import chemicals that end up in groundwater for which there exists no wastewater management technology. All financed through government subsidies. Surely many of these chemicals also cause epigenetic mutations over time. I tried to also put two creatures that look kinda cute. As they don't fit the norm, they are taken from the assembly line and murdered. Apart from several other Metaphors I also thought about speciesism.

Maybe you can make out more?

Finally there is a world beyond the circuit Board. Yes, it's liberty, truth, freedom, justice and equality for humanity. The future of the biggest cloud. Inevitable! Obviously Steemians are superheroes and we have our own world in the cloud! We have our own economy and we are a new village that's global.


I used sketch markers and sketch pens for this. a 0.05mm and a 0.5mm black INK.

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Tools Paper, Pencil, Masking Markers, Brush Markers and Pen Markers
Artist @yangyanje

Here's How I got there.

As always, I share my Process:


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The more I think of the universe, the more I feel it knows - Soan Shinobi a @yangyanje original

Before ending I wanted to share another picture I took of an Ad from a political Campaign that shows Swiss Farmers and their food in the Background, that they will turn into corpses. Most of them receive prophylactic antibiotics preventively, which causes antibiotic resistant bacteria to reach ground water via the soil through cow dung manure. The best thing about it is that we pay taxes for it here in Switzerland.


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