Macro Photography and thoughts

Sweet nectar and the scent of flowers uplifting my senses; pollens picked up by such gracious carriers of love and fertility. Look closer! I see them fly and feel the sentiments in my heart. It tickles my soul and awakens my spirit. Go pollinators 😍 i love them!

Are you a caterpillar? „When i think of the change that a caterpillar makes during metamorphosis, i believe that we all go through one throughout our life. I want to believe that we all have the potential. Some realise their potential others don’t and maybe many stay worms. But then there are the few that do know they will become butterflies.“


What if we dont choose who we are and we are just born in this body? How far can we choose how and what we can experience? How agile can we move as opposed to growing somewhere being static? Like a flower or a tree reaching for light. How far can we imagine, see and evolve to unchartered space ? Are we truly subjected or do we just choose to be conditioned?


We often pass by miracles of nature without noticing. Sometimes its not enough to open ones eyes. To feel it in the heart is a reflection; close your eyes, reflect, open the soul and then your eyes. - Me


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I sketch, paint, make music, film and edit videos, so I also started using Dtube and Dsound. I love writing as well. in Thank you for your support.