Original Illustration ‘Rane Shinobi’ (root chakra)

Here is a description for my upload:

Explanation of illustration-
Rane Shinobi is a character from a book i am writing since 2012 called ‘the story of rane’. Its fictional, but plays out historically. It plays in 1185 AD during the Kaliji Dynasy invasion of northern India, that almost completely wiped out the buddhist culture in India through the burning or the largest university in Asia and it’s vast library at the time. It also marked the decline of the Sanskrit-Pali language. The story also plays during the song dynasty in China before the arrival of kublai khan. It tells the tale of a young boy in search of ‘ahimsa’. One who becomes a warrior monk, a hero and a seeker on a spiritual journey.... Sun, soan or swon, yang(my account name) is Rane’s Avatar or guide...Rane is red. Yang is yellow. (Illustrated using adobe illustrator from a scanned sketch on paper)

Dear Steemians

Firstly I would like to thank all artists that uploaded their original work so far. You artists have been the most inspiring people in my social media life for the past few months. Steem has been touching my heart with posts containing valuable content of creative people that even shared some of their first sketching attempts here. What people write, makes me want to master the english language. From digital painting to carefully documented sketches, I truly value every stroke, thought, gradient, shadow, color combination and effort put into creation.

Everything I post here is original, therefore i do not see it as necessary to credit myself. Except a resteems, which is mentioned. I upload Paintings, Videos, Music, Illustrations, Graffiti, Poetry, Articles, Stories and Photography. I do not upload work from someone else. If i do, i will clearly mention it. My videos show other people that are a part of something historical and aren’t about me, but my viewpoints. I am a crypto-enthusiast and believe in DLT because i’m a libertarian and not because i aspire monetary gain.

I will upvote someones work even if it’s a stick character consisting of lines and circles. I strictly refuse to upvote a post, if it was a picture taken of street art or graffiti that the person posting did not paint. Yes, i will rather upvote a line that’s crooked than a google image upload without text. Even one of my favorite poets on steem doesn’t even give credits to the people who made the images he uses! I used to think he made them himself at first. I will ask in the comments.

I am not ranting here 😅😉i am thanking the Steemians that know the meaning of ‘respect’ and encourage people to be original.

I am with a person who is buys his own spray paint, bucket or emulsion, possibly stainers and spends his or her own time painting a wall or canvas. I can relate to that! I am with you, who thinks about a sketch, plans, sketches it out and then decides to try something new using watercolors and markers instead of just acrylic paint. I am with the poet who decides to take a recorder, mic his or her voice and use dsound to share his or her feelings. Not the guy pulling out his mobile on the way out of his gym, taking a snap, uploading it and taking all the steem credit for someone else’s work! If you go to an art museum and you take a picture of some art exhibited, and you post it here as your own, go ahead, but please mention that you didn’t paint it and give the artist who did credits.

This is not meant as any offense towards people who aren’t being original. As i mentioned, i will upvote the most simplistic form of creativity if its your own. I believe in you, thats why we are all on steem and NOT on ,cerebro-purgo social media’.

If you are a photographer and you photograph street art, claim the credit for painting it, then i’m sure you would not appreciate someone posting your photograph without giving you photo credits? (I have seen this too often)

I don’t see myself as a great artist, but i see a lot of talent on steem that i would like to upvote and see making revenue, because i truly understand and value the efforts associated with that kind of work. I know i’m not the only one appreciating these artist? As someone who can spend a day on a sketch, a song or a video, I truly value and appreciate creators. I’m here because this paradigm shift marks the end of Keynesian consumerism and not to promote it’s appearance here.

I believe anyone can be original.