Quick Sketch 19.03.2019

Pencil sketch and character

It's been a while since I did a pencil sketch

Yesterday I remembered how a simple white sheet of paper can give you so many ideas..

[NOTE: Many of you steemians have been great inspiration and motivation for me. Following and seeing your posts has been fuelling my enthusiasm for steem. The steem community has some humble and engaging content creators that possess drive. This down to earth attitude helps build up trust within the community and results in users evolving and learning at many levels here. People don't just share their art. Steem users show skills. This is therefore a community driven post to share my appreciation for all the hard work and efforts you put in. Here are some of my favorite artists so far: @piotrgrafik, @agnikana @manisha.jain9, @aishwarya, @glenalbrethsen, @inu-jim, @andrianna, @dailysketches, @sultan-aceh, @arthurgain, @jenina619, @kurokikuro, @marya77, @roveana, @ferjart, @iansart, @juliocesardraw @alkor, @abrahmatan, @scrawly, @vermillionfox, @nastyakrasotka, @inber, @juliakponsford, @marcocosta, @oscurocactus, @teungkumerdu... specially @ran.koree, @raah and @li-art (I will keep adding more) Lets connect and build together?!?]

Here is the finished 'quick sketch' I didWhatsApp Image 2019-03-19 at 14.17.12(1).jpeg

Pencil sketch using pen

I used one pencil for the entire drawing and added some black using a pen.


WhatsApp Image 2019-03-19 at 14.17.11(1).jpeg


Here I started with a quick sketch, drawing out some shapes and working with some lines.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-19 at 14.17.12.jpeg

Initial shading

Here I did some basic shading using a pencil.

@yangyanje [NOTE: All my work is Original. I am into video, photography, drawing, graffiti, music and lyrics. Keep up the high value consensus! Can you make out the letters? Please comment]