Rane Shinobi Comic Canvas


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Title"Bandra Vigilante"
Theme Summoning Tiger and Dragon
Tools Pencil, Acrylic Paint, C5 Synthetic Hair Brush, Touch Markers, Sketch Pens and Spray Paint
Size 30 x 40 cm
Story Location Mumbai - India 2012
Artist @yangyanje

The Dragon and the Tiger

Inspired by Lohan Shaolin Gong Fu, here is yet another Canvas for a Book I am writing titled "The Story of Rane". A disciple of Zhang Sanfeng, Sadhaka ('Rane') trains at Shaolin during the Jin-Yuan dynasty (1115-1368 AD), Rane visits the temple when another master evolves the system from 36 postures into 173 movements. In this story, China is still strongly inspired by the art and philosophy of the Song dynasty (960 AD).

Escaping from India during an invasion on his village, my first story is about a boy named Sadhaka and his adventures during this time period. As the story progresses and gets split into various volumes that each play in different time periods, this canvas plays in 2012 AD. As I am still writing the story I decided to add some exciting new facts. In my plot outlines I had different timelines and time periods. The debut is an event happening in India based on historical facts. The story is fictional.

Previous posts I did on 'Rane' included:

shadow_fw_ copy.png


Initial Sketch and Colouring

I usually sketch the character on a piece of paper. Depending on my mood I can do a clean sketch or use the eraser until my paper gets wrinkled. Sometimes I like doing sketches with messy lines and decide which ones to keep. It can get difficult to know which lines I want to keep at times. I draw them out with a black marker after using a pencil. I decided to do a grid for the tiger and the dragon as well, but as I began, I just freestyled a similar dragon. I rarely use grids, unless precise transfers to a canvas is required. Deciding to make the darker side (right) red, I thought the lighter one could be yellowish or orange. I actually changed my mind and decided to go green. I find red, green and orange provocative. Although a really good illustrator once told me that red and green is a 'no go'.


Colouring Layers

In the next step I coloured everything, added structures and did a bit of shading. I tried to give it a mix between shading and comic book inking. I used a few spray cans at the end. Namely blue for the sky, some light brown, dark brown, black, orange, yellow and white. In order to make sure I don't mess too much, I cut a stylus from a cardboard. On a larger canvas I'd never use such a stylus, as it is noticeable.


Tools used

I used uni POSCA PCF-350 Pen Brushes, TOUCH Masking Markers, uni Pigment Ink Pens, Acrylic Paint and a brush size 1. To round it up I used 7 colours of spray paint at the end.

When Rane reaches the state of Arhat, he generates immense power(Chi / Qi or Prana). Soan Shinobi /Zhua-han (aka 演变 阳 or @yangyanje) is his avatar or a spirit that attained Arhat and Ascended into pure energy and became light. Transcending from his physical form, he occasionally appears to 'Rane' as a spirit that guides him. Soan is that yellow Shinobi Character on this Steemit Profile @yangyanje. In case anyone thinks he looks violent or creepy, kindly note that he is vegan in the story and comes from a Buddhist society that practiced "Ahimsa"(The empathy as presence of not harming other living beings around you) and "Shakahara".

There is no knowledge, be mindful; learning becomes attention. listen to the emptiness of mind. In the silence hear the trees that reach for light, feel them as they grow. He who thinks he is has stopped becoming. - Soan Shinobi a @yangyanje original

[ NOTE: All the posts in this profile is original content of the Author @yangyanje . The filming, video editing, voice overs and music for #dtube and #dsound are composed in my studio. I post original digital and analog art and illustrations using markers, sketch pens, brushes and acrylic spray paint on walls or canvases. I would like to get a tablet. I also use digital and analog interchangeable lens cameras as well as my iphone for photography. Here are some Steemians that I highly appreciate. You are amazing and I love your content: @cryptoyzzy, @artzone, @frankcapital, @piotrgrafik, @agnikana @manisha.jain9, @aishwarya, @glenalbrethsen, @in-ujim, @andrianna, @dailysketches, @sultanaceh, @arthurgain, @jenina619, @kurokikuro, @marya77, @roveana, @ferjart, @iansart, @juliocesardraw @alkor, @abrahmatan, @scrawly, @vermillionfox, @nastyakrasotka, @inber, @juliakponsford, @marcocosta, @oscurocactus, @teungkumerdu, @gclipse, @greencross, @homeartpictures, @imealien, @inesafreedom, @larriji, @liart, @marcusmalone, @maxer27, @mrwalt, @nanocheeze, @natha93, @dobartim, @nonstop, @chbartist, @nupulse, @orhansarikaya, @qst, @ran.koree, @raah, @reconnectnature, @rezalhok, @originalworks, @mediaworks, @rushitan, @sagittarius, @scottcbusiness, @scottychams, @sohailahmed, @space-man, @tammyp, @tecca, @tayer, @tonygreene113, @treeky, @webresultat, @wentongsyhhae, @yumm, @nathanmars, @unterwegs, @adrianna, @amygoodrich, @metametheus, @oendertuerk, @daltono, @firepower, @heiditravels, @exyle, @francisftlp, @thepollengardens, @alexaventuria, @elenasteem, @yetaras, @kennyskitchen, @chireerocks, @walkerland, @majes.tytyty, @marcocosta, @pinkspectre, @honeydue, @nmalove, @eco-alex, @tommyrobinson, @thepollengardens, @artemislives, @barbara-orenya, @hatu, @michael.thomale, @amy-goodrich, @riverflows, @streetstyle, @soyrosa, @chireerocks, @misan, @shaka, @obvious, @homeartpictures, @makinstuff, @gtg, @bewithbreath, @daltono, @vincentnijman, @naturalmedicine, @ecotrain, @earthtribe, @riverflows, @locikill, @mariusfebruary, @flamingirl, @kittykate, @tomsmaid. New on Steem: @quest-skool (Indian Breakdance School), @neece, @janurvas ]

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