The Hive Matrix

A long awaited piece

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Title"The Hive Matrix"
Theme Protectors of the edge
Tools Pencil, Acrylic Paint, C5 Synthetic Hair Brush, Touch Markers, Sketch Pens and Spray Paint
Size 45.5 x 30 cm
Story Location Hive Virtual Blockchain World
Artist @yangyanje


Still had a bunch of paper sheets made from elephant dung at my place. I had brought them back with me from India a few years back. I was using the paper to print business cards or to tinker albums for pasting physical photographs into them and gift them to friends. I thought they might come in handy one day for using acrylic paint on them. Which is what I tried here.


It's a Logo that I actually used as a stamp for my business cards.

In 2019 I wanted to paint something quite similar to this. The idea I had, was to feature characters such as witnesses, activist and people who are enthusiastic about our community here on #hive.

Since I never knew how @aggroed actually looked like back in 2019, when I had the idea for this painting, I wanted to depict him as Optimus Prime. I mean the original g1 character from the cartoon series in the 80s I also grew up on. A rather inconspicuous character I found, is @eonwarped. Maybe it's just me who thinks he actually does a lot in the background? I imagined him as a mathematical magician and a humble, yet fabulous hero that suited to the image I was trying to make. Both of them make sure they create the architecture to inhabit the so called Martix in this painting. At the time I had this idea, the fact that they made an entire sidechain before SMT's were even launched just blew mind. Of course there are other projects here I should probably also mention here.

If anyone would like to leave a comment with usernames I should check out because they really contribute to our blockchain and add why, i'd highly appreciate this. Even if you find their posts highly informative and think one should follow them

Why paint this?

When our community shrank to something quite small during the bear market in 2018/2019, people did stick around because they believed in something greater. A hand full of people who didn't just see the potential in what this blockchain is capable of, but truly understood it's future application and potential. Right after I painted Hive Mind on the 19th of July 2019, I had this image in my head. It didn't ripen yet, but I just had to get something out a few days back. It felt very contemporary to add way more characters in this painting while I was doing it. I ended up keeping it concisely to what I had planned in 2019 for now. Especially felt that our blockchain here consists of people who believe and care about data ownership, censorship resistant platforms and somewhat bypassing KYC's, Non Custodial wallets and privacy. With that, I mean I should have added more witnesses and active community members. A mix of very different people here on hive, some seem to appear as super hero like characters. A few members on the hive community prefer to remain anonymous and not to reveal too much of their identity... Some make really mysterious characters i'd still like to meet in real life.

Last year I actually wrote a little foot note to the Shinobi story I am writing. It was about a plot on how it actually starts. It starts with two characters who meet on hive through the #lotus #naturalmedicine community, but actually are a part from the same school of meditation. I liked the idea that the story could start right here on hive, since I chose to start blogging here. I plan to publish that plot at some point as well.

All this makes me think about community, Social media and economics a lot. Aren't we like a country spread out globally? We even even have our own currencies?

shadow_fw_new .png

The Process


Stating with a sketch on paper, I used a grid to make sure I'd get the proportions and sizes of characters right. At least somewhat tried to pay attention to vanishing points as well.

The Characters

The far right is @aggroed. The yellow Shinobi is Yang (Yang Zhang aka Yan Bian Yang). The 3rd Character from the left is @eonwarped. The character on the far right(in front is Rane, aka Dong Chang 东厂). Rane is the main character in my story, also known as the Red Shinobi.

shadow_fw_new .png

"The more I think of the universe, the more I feel it knows" - @yangyanje

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