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Greetings to the hiveminds

Curating through some content on Monday, my conclusion is that there are some highly unique individuals here, to whom I can relate to profoundly. I could imagine having great conversations with many of you.

People my age here, who mainly speak one language, don't have much access to information outside German, unless they read english and understand it explicitly. Growing up, I realised that because english gives you an edge with access to so many tutorials online. Because I understand english and had access to the internet quite early, living in Los Angeles it always made me kind of a nerdier guy. I noticed that many rise and excel through mastering our so called international colonial language. After all, it prevailed and brought us closer together? At the same time because of it's ingenious simplicity, it penetrated into all corners of the world. Why am I writing this? Because there are a lot of disinformation bubbles created by major corporations that also use each other as strategic pawns to persuade a public opinion that suits their agenda. Conspiracy? Its actually making sense to me and I will elaborate in shorter and upcoming post bursts.

I pieced back a sentence from talking to a few people that resulted in a dialog. It is hypothetical but i'm pretty certain about it. It was a conversation with a few friends and one guy we all knew in common. The Gossip was basically without a doubt: 'Don't believe anything this guy says about crypto, he's vegan' .


Not only did that make me laugh, but I found it important to mention because of the speculative nature of the way our space is perceived by the many. They see nervous wall street type traders, people who lost their money and also just consider them to be gamblers. Some people who aren't satisfied in life, have an ego that feeds on others weaknesses, because they are simply energy thief's. How can I blame them? Well, I can't, because being disdainful is just not in my nature. They would just like to meet you to tell you how much more they know and how much smarter they consider themselves to be in their one country, one language and one activity world view. Anything you might say, will be held against you, so it's better not to open ones mouth and just listen. You may not be allowed finish your sentence and anything you do or say will considered putative as well. Specially when the color of your skin is different in our time and age. At least this is so where I grew up. Trust me, I am anything else but a victim. I am pointing out a specific conservative type of breed I am surrounded by, and failing to avoid where ever I go.

One of them recently telling me that people in London looked ugly because they are so mixed up. I am shocked at what people let out of their mouth sometimes and at the same time I wont be apologetic for having a big mouth and speaking my mind here. To avoid any dispute they might say : 'I'm not interested' Before you're one word into a sentence. They also tend to talk for 2h, not noticing that you actually weren't given the chance to even finish one single sentence.

I take stuff like that very lightly, but it makes me listen even more and speak less to learn to avoid even more people. I love people, am quite gregarious and I like to talk to strangers. At the same time I was always a one man army who was too distinct to share company with most. I always went to clubs by myself, never in groups and only very few had the kind of confidence to actually become a worthy wing man. When you're a leader, it can hold you back if you need to drag someone. It's also when you realise you need to be around leaders. I think in Switzerland entrepreneurial-ship also isn't very common. Everyones outlook on life is rather Smithian, I have to conclude. They aren't even flexible at Sandwich shops and hate giving people choices, unlike Americans. Americans are considered superficial here, when in fact the people that say this never lived in America. I don't think one can generalise, but I really appreciate the fact that a guy next to the elevator button asked me what floor I need to go to. Talking about pushing buttons, lets not get into politics or religion here. I think it's important to stand ones ground, but also demarcating oneself from a general idea about something. Many copy arguments but don't come up with valid points that counter the fallacies of an ideology or a statement branching out of a belief-system epistemologically. One can't talk to anyone about freedom and liberty if they trust corporations and governments to run their lives with with inefficiently distributed fiscal balances. I guess it's also not advisable to ask philistines for an atypical opinion about art. The monkey just might eat the banana without thinking and it's hard for that monkey to think outside the box. The monkey won't eat the orange unless he sees enough other monkeys doing it and might never turn. Not looking for a tipping point! Who wants to turn them? Proof of brain first? I don't think we need to run after the masses. Something smart might only gain trust once there is mass adoption? If you say something smart, an intelligent person might listen? Many smart people were ridiculed for their opinions and in earlier times and even burned at the stake. I'd rather sneak passed them in the shadows. That's really who I am. Whats the point if we have a bunch of people uninformed about what this space really means and what it's implications are for humanity? Are you on hive and actually know what you are doing here? Recently, I began to take more time for those who remembered what I said, because I can continue where I left off and they can simply follow because they understand the basics of the content I like to deliver.

I think it's very easy to do what the masses do, believe the dogmas and let them speak what they believe to be the truth they heard by letting them simply repeat it ? It might be challenging to question ones knowledge and be open enough to abolish all human truth, stick to an abstract form of math and stay open towards the spooky quantum realm that still leaves a lot of room for holistic approaches. But based on what? What spectrum of perception? Any rational thinker will try to avoid supposition!

Vegan without Vegans

About 20 years ago, when Vegan was a word that Vegetarians didn't even know about, I decided to try it because I simply didn't believe I was a baby, specially not a baby cow. So firstly I realised I didn't need cows milk. Specially if they weigh up to 800kg. I stopped wondering how our societies brought fourth innocent humans and made sure they'd mutate into elephants until their bones couldn't carry them. Innocent? I met a guy along the way who told me that it was called vegan. He happened to write the first Vegan cook book in the country. I shall write about this great man in a separate post. He was studying mathematics at uni when he was young. His book was releases only 15 years ago in 2005. Today I remember that he went against the grain, broke into the cold and made so much possible, because at the time he was ridiculed for his indifference. I never thought that our society would begin to label food products vegan so fast. The movement popped out of everywhere and I embraced that.

My first vegan phase didn't last long and was from 2005-2007. I stayed Vegetarian for quite a while and went back to actually eating meat again in 2007, until back 2008. Something happened in 2008. I actually turned Vegan prior to painting the avatar in my Profile picture on a canvas. That Avatar is not me, but later became my journey on hive. The Canvas was painted in 2012. I draw the wisdom out of our collective efforts as a hive and call him @yangyanje. All of this helps me to compile a fictional story I am writing called "The Story of Rane" that plays in 1185 AD. Rane is how I call myself also. In my fictional story, it's about a guy who decides to become Rane. The Red Shinobi

When one realises that meat is habit, partially a convenience but one is indifferent by default, it's easier to avoid the standard, that is palatalised to almost everyone. It actually started reminding me that I needed to make the change. The longer it was just a customary pattern, I began to question how much control I had over it. Eating death, corpses, of other living beings that sense similar to us, didn't seem right to me. Surrounded by others, for whom I never fit the standard, I generally never had a problem with indifference. As I was always ahead of many trends, in the beginning it had little to do with being vegan or caring about animals. I just wasn't cruel. Today you don't want to set me loose on someone hurting a helpless innocent Animal. Almost like a drug addiction, that habit of eating meat started annoying me, the more I thought about the suffering I caused passively. When one is so accustomed to something, it might take a special experience to turn? Unless one doesn't want to? Like Cypher from the matrix. Or like people who will never believe in Bitcoin? Or mathematics?

For me it was being in the Himalayas with hunters. I can't kill and I think murder is wrong. Faced with the atrocities first hand, the cruel reality of remorseless killing gave me images that I will never forget. I was given sharp instruments and asked to act, but could not move! Instead, I froze in complete shock as the killing unfolded in front of me. Unable to move, I observed humans do their drill and I was one of them. It's one of the reasons why I never liked having arguments with people who are fundamentalist meat eaters but never killed. I also find it disdainful when vegan activists try to impose their biblical dogmas. If you eat meat and kill animals yourself, leave a comment and tell me how you feel about it? "thou shalt not kill" ?? -oh, well I don't think anyone has the right to say what someone should or should not do. They should know it themselves as actions speak stronger(louder) than words. At the same time I don't belong to either genus. I feel very alienated! Trust me I also don't wanna be a spoilsport if you just enjoy good food. Believe me, I know I can cook better food for you! Invite me and I will show you.

Vegan activist groups show the horrors and the gore of bleeding animals. Killed with the worst forms of cruelty and even skinned alive. Coyotes suffering for days, stuck in traps for Canada goos jackets are only one of the few Brands in the fashion industry that allows someone to question whether this is humane? The worst are by far always the biggest Brands we have, who produce at the lowest costs possible and also have no regard for social equity. Animal skins(leather) are still commonly worn by many vegetarians. I think a good way to bring this topic closer to many, is filming at a mercy court or an animal sanctuary. After all the animals we eat are all still just babies. If we see them clean and cared for, they're adorable. Maybe that might persuade some of this embedded wickedness from a different angle?

I don't mean to disparage any meat eaters!

If Humans are on top of the food chain and we can choose, then we can also choose to be responsible? Yes, you have a choice and you are allowed to have your meat! If were not gonna die from plant based sustenance, then how about trying? If we don't have to survive because we don't have any other choice, wouldn't it be nice to show some compassion and empathy? Surely it's inevitable for us, if we are to evolve, to eliminate the most prominent violence? The violent atrocities committed towards animals are remorseless. This also goes out to any human being who would call themselves compassionate and empathetic. You have a choice! That violence still lies on so many plates. If we can choose, I personally choose to eat whats above the food chain to me, adapted to earth longer and also whats trying to reach the light! I also disagree with so much vegan processed food, GMO, Soy and other things that humans aren't able to synthesise. If there is something contained that's bio-chemically unsuited for humans, why consume it in the first place? Not a plaster saint here! I eat gluten, soy etc. and I also enjoy food that tastes good but isn't necessarily healthy as well. As i said I try...

Who thinks one is, has stopped becoming -@yangyanje
He who thinks he is, has stopped becoming -@yangyanje
She who thinks she is, has stopped becoming -@yangyanje

Habit and taste is understandable and convenience is as well. The cruelty being passive is not an excuse for the mass murder of innocent beings that have the same or similar senses as we do and bleed just like us. They fear, feel pain and for some to not acknowledge and respond with Anger is a sign of a very uncivilised and savage behaviour. It's also coined as speciesism. I respect all my friends who eat meat. But those who'd rather see me eating dead decaying flesh instead, are trying to persuade the wrong person. Fear also often responds with anger. Specially when these kinds of people have their basic underpinnings turned up side down.

I remember listening to vegetarians talk about it. Like my ancestors who never ate meat. They spoke about a time when there were forts. Enclosed with fences there were villages and even populated cities. Beyond the fences laid a jungle with dubious human savages and hunters that killed because they had no other choice. Within the fort they lived by the principles of non violence, with an abundance of sophisticated farming and a rich diversity in fruits and veggies. No one had to kill to survive. Being vegetarian during that epoch were the basics of a civilised world. They called it Ahimsa and Shakahara.

I still hear people say it's in our nature to kill and eat meat and that we were always hunters and meat eaters.

Do we really have no other choice in the 21st century? Are we gonna die if we don't eat meat? Do you think you wont get proteins?

I challenge anyone in the comments below on nutritional synthesis, bio-chemistry, microbiome, who actually believes that it is a required diet for a healthy(emphasised) individual or that exactly such a person would turn deficient. I will not argue about someone who ate meat all their lives, because their biomes differ. I agree with some, that it is a process of 3 years for certain microbiotic genomes and bodies to get accustomed to new diets. I refuse to waste my time disputing blood group diets as I consider them purely aprioristic.

In many previous arguments discussed with my friends here in the west, it made so much sense to consider the many aspects related to this topic scientifically. I would not even dare to question certain people's logic later in life. Specially after concluding on results by checking my own blood levels, which I finally attributed to my personal microbiotic blueprint. I also wrote an article talking about in-vitro colon stimulation for which there are also several scientific papers online nowadays. During the plandemic it was the same kind of people who can't breathe, who believed one of the strongest marketing campaigns delivered to us by mainstream 'tell lie vision' ran by the same codex and the same FAO lobbyists I mentioned in several posts, that only a few of you read. I write again : "follow the money!" If certain people give money to run news campaigns and even history museums, false statistics to further their corporate interests, then how can we find out the truth? #hive-122315

"Human civilization is not something achieved against nature; it is rather the outcome of the working of the innate qualities of man."
- Ludwig Von Mises

These old quotes should have woman in them too.

I know the above quote has little to do with being vegan, but with the exploration of the unknown and the unchartered. We live in an age where we develop new foods and amazing products and at the same time we are returning to wild plants and herbs, nature and process foods ourselves again. I think this is a huge improvement as opposed to buying products with cheap thickening agents and emulsifiers, mostly developed by the pharma lobby as well. These processed products are sold to us by the same corporations who control the media and our food supply. If you can't afford organic, you are basically the peasant they want to get rid of or hooked on to their drugs. Call it eugenics or what ever you want. The evidence is right in front of us. I mean stuff like aspartame, fluoride etc. and companies like Nestlé, Crest, Kellogs for which I made a kind of map once. Historically a company called Alcoa is to be researched by anyone interested in this topic as I won't get deeper in this post.


The values we share here bring us much closer to achieving goals as a community. This is what hive truly is to me. So to all the digital gold rush diggers that think it's just about them becoming rich faster, it's not about money. Here alone by themselves, like people on instagram, many haven't understood what Bitcoin and crypto truly means. I guess maybe it means something else to me! This isn't about anything monetary. It's about value and sharing value amongst a community of individuals who share the same goals. Also to achieve those goals from the inside out. The currency is the resource tool of utility. I personally believe in a better world without violence. To survive I can understand that hive and what we create here needs to make revenue. I don't doubt that it will, otherwise I would not spend so many of my efforts here, apart from that it's ephemeral anyways. But it isn't just me who believes in a better future for humanity. The future isn't a macro economical, subjective, but micro economical one. If they wont give us a VOICE unless we give up our privacy to mass surveillance, then I think it's for everyone to decide for themselves what they want to submit to?

'No wonder Block One is a preferred company to run the US economy if some Americans probably think ether is russian.', lol. 'Maybe Neuralink will run on EOS and Musk wants to turn us into cyborg slaves and send us to mars as Trans-Humanist slaves?'

DPOS and the recent fork has some profound implications on how we move forward. I hope it is as a hivemind that makes us who we are. The bloody revolution! When I go out there I am you all and feel like NEO in the matrix that sees the code. Not as the one, but the many. We all took that red pill and with the KYC trends it's important to embrace this paradigm of liberty before ending up with mass surveillance and a Dystopian, Orwellian future. It's time to rise from our farm animal life and break out of the barns. People will always feel content being free range chickens because the fence is expanded in their favour. They might get more egs out of the hens? Tell the chickens to look in the mirror, finally realise that were falcons all along so we can raise our wings. Fists up my Hiveians!


I have compiled a few pictures and recipes I named myself that I cooked for others recently. I thought it would be easier to list them and ask you, which recipe you would like me to share in the comments.

To make it easier, I will give them numbers also. In case you need them glutenfree, please add that and the number in the comments as well.

The following recipes are all 100% vegan.

1. Madrasi Jack and Tofu with Oyster Mushrooms
2.Black Bean Jack with a Courgette and Fennel Tomato Sauce and Mango Chutney
3. Rapini and Mushrooms Italian style with Spaghetti
4. Vegan Bolognese alla Tobias
5. Special Fruit Curry with Apple Cinnamon Sauce
6. Dhal Makhani and Grilled Oyster Mushrooms with special Herbs and Lemon Rice.
7. Spinach, Cabbage and Beans with Carrot Pomegranate Salad
8. Asian Style Button Mushrooms, Savoy Cabbage, Carrots, Fennel and Broccoli.
9. Kale Mushroom Curry and Jack-Veggie Curry with Auricula-Judae Mushrooms with a Black Bean creamy Sauce.
10. Smokey Jack with Flowers
11. Mixed Veggie cream Sauce with Spinach, Herbs, Mushrooms and Carrot and Quinoa
12. Porridge with Fruits and Flowers
13. Cabbage, Fennel and Pascal Celery with Nettles and various Herbs a Fruit salad, Nuts and Brussel Sprouts
14. Dhal with Fennel, wild Garlic and gluten free Roti.
15. Fried mixed Veggies with Apples and Nettles, various Herbs, Mushroom and Spelt.
16. Thai style Jackfruit Curry with Quinoa.
cups with water kefir
17. Secret Sushi recipe
18. Indian Mushroom Tofu Curry
19. Vegan Pizza
20. Moroccan Beluga Lentils in Tomato Sauce
21. Smokey Soy Chunks with Broccoli and Herbs. French Style
22. Porcini cream Sauce with Tofu and Beet Root Rice
23. Porcini, Peas Cream White Wine Sauce, Herbs. French Style.
24. Thai Curry with Sweetheart Cabbage and Vegan Butcher Stripes
25. Creamy Spinach Indo-Chinese Style
26. Mixed Veggies with Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Fennel and Sliced Red Onions.
27. Spinach Tomato Red Wine Sauce. Asian Fusion
28. Jackfruit Dhal Dish
29. Palak Soya-Paneer
30. Smokey Mixed Mushroom Sauce with Pepperoncini
31. Rappa de François
32. French Style Celery Beetroot Dish
33. Dhal with Coriander and Bok Choy with Mushrooms
34. Coconut Almond Sesame Sauce with Mushrooms and Bok Choy Mushrooms

Here are all my previous recipes, in case you feel like trying something else:

Yours Truly
Rane Shinobi

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Photos: iphone 8 and a old system camera with analog lenses.

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