We draw the letter B

The Letter B

Ciao a tutti

One of the Steemians who has been inspiring since almost the very beginning when I joined back in August 2017 is @ran.kore. I think I discovered him around January 2018. @ran.kore is one of the people here who has a very uplifting and encouraging spirit when it comes to drawing and sketching letters. He consistently posts really cool, original stuff and I enjoy seeing his "Steem Graffiti Sketches" series. He also invokes my Steemian patriotism because we are global in so many ways here.

Recently I came across a post by @theithei titled "we draw the letter B". Unfortunately I saw a friend that very second while I was on the train and put away my mobile phone. I later looked for the post and couldn't find in the search. To my surprise no other than @ran.kore was doing the challenge.

When the Result came out I was too late. I missed it. Well, never mind. I still wanted to be a part of the spirit, so I did one very quickly this morning.

Big thanks for the participants. You guys rock!

@tinster, @cjsean, @bidesign, @crivec68, @jadung, @cabalen, @khiabels, @steembake, @stregamorgana and @piumadoro.

Here's My 'B'


Category @drawing @sketch @ran.kore
Tools Paper, Colour Pencils and one Blue Marker
Artist @yangyanje

Here's How I got there.


I used colour pencils and a blue marker.
shadow_fw_ .png
Emptiness is like a blanc surface. There are infinite possibilities to fulfil oneself. - Soan Shinobi a @yangyanje original

[ NOTE: The filming, video editing, voice overs and music for #dtube and #dsound in my posts are content composed in my studio. I post original digital and analog art and illustrations using markers, sketch pens, brushes and acrylic spray paint on walls or canvases. I also use digital and analog cameras as well as my iphone for film and photography. Here are some Steemians that I highly appreciate. You are amazing and I love your content: @cryptoyzzy, @artzone, @frankcapital, @piotrgrafik, @agnikana @manisha.jain9, @aishwarya, @glenalbrethsen, @in-ujim, @andrianna, @dailysketches, @sultanaceh, @arthurgain, @jenina619, @kurokikuro, @marya77, @roveana, @ferjart, @iansart, @juliocesardraw @alkor, @abrahmatan, @scrawly, @vermillionfox, @nastyakrasotka, @inber, @juliakponsford, @marcocosta, @oscurocactus, @teungkumerdu, @gclipse, @greencross, @homeartpictures, @imealien, @inesafreedom, @larriji, @liart, @marcusmalone, @maxer27, @mrwalt, @nanocheeze, @natha93, @dobartim, @nonstop, @chbartist, @nupulse, @orhansarikaya, @qst, @ran.koree, @raah, @reconnectnature, @rezalhok, @originalworks, @mediaworks, @rushitan, @sagittarius, @scottcbusiness, @scottychams, @sohailahmed, @space-man, @tammyp, @tecca, @tayer, @tonygreene113, @treeky, @webresultat, @wentongsyhhae, @yumm, @nathanmars, @unterwegs, @adrianna, @amygoodrich, @metametheus, @oendertuerk, @daltono, @firepower, @heiditravels, @exyle, @francisftlp, @thepollengardens, @alexaventuria, @elenasteem, @yetaras, @kennyskitchen, @chireerocks, @walkerland, @majes.tytyty, @marcocosta, @pinkspectre, @honeydue, @nmalove, @eco-alex, @tommyrobinson, @thepollengardens, @artemislives, @barbara-orenya, @hatu, @michael.thomale, @amy-goodrich, @riverflows, @streetstyle, @soyrosa, @chireerocks, @misan, @shaka, @obvious, @homeartpictures, @makinstuff, @gtg, @bewithbreath, @daltono, @vincentnijman, @naturalmedicine, @ecotrain, @earthtribe, @riverflows, @locikill, @mariusfebruary, @flamingirl. @kittykate, @tomsmaid, @termitemusic, ]

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