We draw the letter D

The Letter D

Dear Steemians

This time I won't miss @ran.koree 's challenge:

"We draw the letter D- CONTEST".

The previous Letter 'C' is here: "We draw the letter C". This is my first official Steemit Graffiti/Letter/Sketch challenge. I feel like it's 1994 again.

Doing such challenges just for fun is amazing. Isn't the greatest reward doing it together with others?
All the participants, even the ones making 4-7 lines are my heroes...!

Big thanks for the participants of the previous challenge. You guys rock! Can't wait to see your Dee's

@steembake, @cabalen, @stregamorgana, @yomismosoy, @theithei, @quatro, @jadung, @crivec68, @khiabels, @tinster, @hedidylan and @remyrequenart.

Here's My 'D'


Category @drawing @sketch @ran.kore
Tools Paper, Color Pencils and one Blue Marker
Artist @yangyanje

Here's How I got there.


I used paper, color pencils and a blue marker.

shadow_fw_ .png

The sound of silence at night, I drift. A yawn grasping for waking and when it dawns no time for waiting. Eventually we must all find for what our souls are aching - Soan Shinobi a @yangyanje original

[ NOTE: I recently posted a video of a time lapse on @dtube that shows how I build up a graffiti and paint a wall. The Music is a 100% original from the instrumental, recording and editing of my own vocals. Chopping, trimming and adding reverbs, I then found some bruce lee lines from an old interview and used them as well. I used my turntable and time code vinyl to skratch these samples. Rane Graffiti Time Lapse]

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