We Draw the Letter E

The Letter E

Dear Steemians

Ran posted the 'We Draw the Letter E' challenge:

"We draw the letter E- CONTEST".

The previous Letter 'D' is here: "We draw the letter D". This was my first official Steemit Graffiti/Letter/Sketch challenge. I am delighted to participate with all you other amazing Steemians on my second one.

I imagine also utilising the entire alphabet, which is why I am honestly trying to keep a similar style!

Big up's for the participants of the previous challenges and 'D'. You guys rock! Great Job :)

@crivec68, @dianadee, @mad-runner, @arezen33 (you blew me off my seat, ghetto style!), @allyson19, @cjsean, @jadung

Again Big Thanks to @ran.koree for the initiative, hard work and enthusiasm he spreads here. Empowering creativity and giving stimuli like this really promotes new ideas and visions. It is so strong when something is done together, because we all tickle some nerve endings and connect new pathways for us, but also to make other understand what the Steemit community is all about. This is what sets Steemians far apart from traditional social media.

Here's My 'E'


Category @drawing @sketch @ran.kore
Tools Paper, Color Pencils, two Blue Touch Marker and an Acrylic Brush Marker
Artist @yangyanje

Here's How I got there.


I used paper, color pencils , two blue touch masking markers and one acrylic white brush marker.

shadow_fw_ .png

Everything in the universe has already been done. Anything we can imagine, fathom, assimilate is merely just untried. See the open gap, fill it; We can all do more than we believe possible. - Soan Shinobi a @yangyanje original

[ NOTE: I recently posted a video for the @seven77 challenge titled "triathlon777". triathlon777. The idea is to cycle 7km, run 7km and swim for 7min to encourage exercise. All participants and use the triathlon777 tag, which should create a new category. I will also soon launch something on Steemit with B-boys and Graffiti artists that I am currently on boarding and have already recently joined, such as @quest-skool (a breakdance school from New Delhi, India), @fungalist, @oikoses(Specialised in creating natural habitats and landscape architecture), @rawgun(a B-boy from India and amazing Dancer and choreographer) @ironkutz (A Dj). ]

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