We draw the letter F

The Letter F

Dear Steemians

@ran.koree posted the 'We Draw the Letter F' challenge:

"We draw the letter F- CONTEST".

The previous Letter 'E' is here: "We draw the letter E". As I mentioned, I really enjoy this challenge, specially because it gives me a nostalgic vibe of my youth days in the early and mid 90s. It almost feels like that vibe of originality, underground, Independent flavours of style are now emerging from our creative blockchain with truly timeless ways to express oneself. Recently, I think that @dsound has become home to really raw and creative content by talented musicians. From yet another alphabet challenge, one can see so many styles and various tools, whether digitally or analog. It's truly inspiring because everyone is different and it's worth looking at the essence of every attempt.

I am humbled to say that any efforts to participate or create challenges such as this, really sets us apart from conventional 'me' driven aspirations and highlights common efforts to attain a goal together.

Many thanks and much appreciation to the participants of the previous challenges and 'E'. You guys rock! Great Job :)

@cabalen, @dianadee, @cjsean, @theithei, @cjsean, @jadung.

There is still time and I miss all the other participants: @allyson19, @crivec68, @mad-runner, @arezen33, @steembake, @stregamorgana, @yomismosoy, @quatro, @crivec68, @khiabels, @hedidylan, @tinster, @bidesign, @khiabels, @piumadoro. and @remyrequenart.

Lets Impact! I called you out to remind you. Bare with us until Z. I still have to do A.

I spoke to someone about steem and explained them that I am a steemian. They looked at me as if I had a screw loose. I think we're together and make up a really unique experiment on a special macro economical scale that promotes individuals as a part of the whole in their micro economic creation of value sharing. Compared to where the whole owns your data, creators and publishers don't just have a place to engage, share, but also to learn and flourish as one mind.

Here's My 'F'


Category @drawing @sketch @ran.kore
Tools Paper, Color Pencils, A Green Acrylic Marker and a white Acrylic Brush Marker
Artist @yangyanje

Here's How I got there.


I used paper, color pencils , a acrylic markers and one acrylic white brush marker.

shadow_fw_ .png

Everyone sees the same, but only a few think different ; See it without what everyone else could think and without everything you know about it. See it for what it solely is, unaccompanied and isolate whats left to discover self consciousness. - Soan Shinobi a @yangyanje original

[ NOTE: I recently posted a video for the @seven77 challenge titled "triathlon777". triathlon777. The idea is to cycle 7km, run 7km and swim for 7min to encourage exercise. All participants and use the triathlon777 tag, which should create a new category. I will also soon launch something on Steemit with B-boys and Graffiti artists that I am currently on boarding and have already recently joined, such as @quest-skool (a breakdance school from New Delhi, India), @fungalist, @oikoses(Specialised in creating natural habitats and landscape architecture), @rawgun(a B-boy from India and amazing Dancer and choreographer) @ironkutz (A Dj) @riskflows, @simon.talukdar, @guanyn . ]

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