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How's my favourite decentralised community on the internet of blockchains doing?

Yeah, you read right. Here is where I belong and always did. You're my kind. The Hive! When I came here, everything changed. Specially when I opened my eyes to the real world...

"There may be said to be two classes of people in the world: those who constantly divide the people of the world into two classes and those who do not" -Robert Benchley


Firstly I'd like to start by stating that there was no particular reason for me to pause blogging. Since my last post, all the painting, music, biking, traveling, foraging, mushroom picking and crypto research I did, would only incite more fuel and excitement for me to return here with a fresh approach to things. With stored ammunition, a vast arsenal of insights in an array of countless possible posts and an abundance of ideas i'd love to share with you, I now return. It's hard for me to decide what to write about. Blogging and reading, not just your posts, but applying myself in the real world help me to become more concise.

I thought about the notions of how people can be so easily manipulated, because we all use the same words and are almost coercively moulded into a common normality. How about seeing the uncommon void and being happy with indifference and not being normal? I wont apologise if some of the manipulation I am talking about is directed to certain types of astrology such as horoscopes and other forms of superstition. Imagine farm animals. Feed stock as journalism and the media, an easy and predictable way peasants fall into given patterns. Even easier when you have half of your live stock on the left and the others on your right. Now you just deploy cattle prods to inject a bit of fear. Where do you think the cattle on both the right and the left side will end up? Well, maybe the slaughterhouse? lol...

"You arrive at the truth by telling a pack of lies if you are writing fiction, as opposed to trying to arrive at a pack of lies by telling the truth if you are a journalist" -melvin burgess

To elaborate why I am writing this is because in an age of liberty and freedom, why should we fear that the gullible masses wouldn't join us beyond the fences, if their fears aren't ours? Wouldn't anyone want to be free? I'd literally die for that freedom in our age. If I could go back in time, i'd free Bruno Giordano from his shackled before he would have gotten burned at the stake. I would love to have a conversation with Nikola Tesla in 1942, poor, while he was feeding pigeons in the park. In 2021, when economics is fiscal policies and politics since Brettonwoods in 1944, where else would I be otherwise than in the only free market economy in human history, writing on the only truly censorship resistant platform? A community build by people, for the people with humans from all walks of life. Frankly written, I also don't give a fart about kissing majority stake holder ass, bending to their rules or their politics in a dPoS consensus. Having money doesn't always make you smart! I do appreciate the efforts of creating challenges by invoking topics for participants to post about, because it motivates people and encourages the flow of new ideas. As we are all students and teachers, I humbly embrace the void of what I don't know because I seek to learn. In the midst of erc 20 monopolies, we're not just a super strong community that got lost somewhere. We are many and everywhere. We are the HIVE!

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This is a Video I uploaded on Dtube in 2019, but created it in 2017 with some of my own original music, using a turntable, my voice and some snippets from an a bruce lee interview. I used an actual turntable with serato. Uploaded it on lbry.tv in December 2020 again, because my hard drives are failing. While painting I intended to passionately share it on Steem at the time, believing in immutability, time stamping publications, original content and a place for creators and appreciators of such content to create a repository. As opposed to plagiarism on the commonly used social media platforms. To me, this was only the beginning of how our community here forever changed my life.

Who I am?


I painted this last year during a full moon in September, only to arrive at a place with striking resemblance somewhere in the swiss mountains a full moon later. The piece is called 'Return of the Aztecs' and plays in 2048 AD after Rane crosses the Bering Strait.

I go by the name Rane and I am also a fictional Shinobi character, guided by an enlightened avatar spirit named Yang Yanje (Image-Profile Picture). 'The story of Rane'. Is a tale about a character I am currently painting, writing and creating, while trying to survive in expensive Switzerland, not wanting to exchange all my time for money etc. Rane is a character I envisioned while I was designing clothes for Athleisure wear in 2009 in Sakinaka Mumbai, while working for a textile factory. I saw Rane in the middle of a night between 02.45-3.30 am in a dream. I woke up and sketched it out. I remember the dream playing in the past during the Gupta dynasties in India and the Song dynasty, when some positive remnants of the tang dynasty Daoism and chan(Zen) culture still prevailed in purer ways during this age in China.

While creating patterns for functional clothing and working for a low wage salary at a textile factory in India, a steady struggle called out for alternative means of survival. I moved to India because I wanted to make clothes, explore my heritage and improve my broken Hindi.

Starting in 1185 AD, the story I am writing takes shape in different ages. The more my foot notes to the story progressed, the more I began to see that I was on to something. The strangest part was, that key moments in history made the story come full circle. In 2010 a Himalayan explorer confirmed a theory I had during the story's inception. Coincidence?


In real life, I walk around with tabis, unless I can be barefooted. I also got rid of all my bricks and stopped wearing them entirely since 2019. Regular shoes ergonomically gave unpleasant shocks through my spine. I didn't want to get a turtle neck. Once I switched, I could not bare the pain of putting my shoes back into boxes that make them feel numb and under stimulated, helping to just depreciate muscles. Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 dedicated muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Like any body part that does not get any input or output or gets braced, will weaken over time. I prefer to expose my feet to a diverse range of natural movement, they are designed to experience.


Picture with a political campaign from last month in Switzerland against concealing, directed to a specific kind of extremism. Ridiculous during the current masquerade that's going on?

Ironically the cutting Patterns for my clothing was very unconventional for the time. Many of my hoody's always had build in masks since 2009 and very functional features like special pockets, mechanisms for tightening and loosening at joints and much more. I worked a lot with stitching folds to create untangling and tangling effects and spent lots of hours making interesting looking garments. Some pieces look inconspicuously standard on the outside, but bare many useful features. Apart from Kimonos, I designed Jeans, Hoody's, Shirts, Boho Dresses, Tops, various knits, woven's and hope for support to produce more. I currently have plenty of patterns, measurement charts, wear a few of special pieces and I'd like to produce a few soon. Having a lot of different samples, i'm saving crypto to be able to fund a future bulk production. I'd like to sell them through NFT's as well. @aggroed inspired me when I read one of his first posts on NFT's, explaining them.


Thanks to extensive experience working as a merchandiser with Garments, Fashion Technology and working close to textile technicians and pattern makers as a lateral recruit since 2006, I am confident that I can make clothes that people like. Specially when it comes to fibres grown organically, made from recycled materials and social responsibility, my approach is coming from someone who worked at the source. Things like cheap labour, environmentally hazardous practices aren't retroactions i'd like to base my reputation on. With an affinity for vector graphics, fashion illustrations and making my own patterns using a stylus, rulers and tailor chalk, I roamed around accessories and fabric markets with a clear vision in my mind. Familiar with Euler and knowing what a french curve is, I can really appreciate design aesthetics on various levels.


When you've worked with pattern markers and tailors who shared their insights with you like I did, you develop a really strong relationship to the matter. I only walk around with clothes that are my own designs. To me it's like wearing my skin. Every fold was something I thought about concisely. Anything I see people wearing, is still grown by cotton farmers, possibly in India. Or maybe Garments made by people like palamy swamy(guy in the picture). Palamy Swamy is an amazing Tailor I met while working with him on some knitted garments. Samples I never got to mass produce.

Some of you who don't know me yet and others who do know a bit about me, probably might think it's strange that I was seen on various pictures with a corona mask before it actually happened?


Post from the 24th of August 2019:

Post from the 22nd of August 2019:

"I have had a most rare vision, I have had a dream, - past the wit of man to say what dream it was: man is but an ass if he go about to expound this dream . . . It shall be called Bottom's dream, because it hath no bottom." - A.S. Eddington

Quantum Tunneling

During the past few months, specially since the 11th of June 2020 something really strange happened to me again. Usually it might start with something I write. Maybe a poem or a meaningful sentence I then post. Let's say its a metaphor that I put on an immutable blockchain and a few weeks later i'd have to realise that the metaphor might have been written in a precognitive state. Why? Because exactly what I wrote becomes a lesson and gets an even deeper meaning? Why would I not consider something I dream of or see before it happens a coincidence after it happened?

I could also go completely insane about the fact that I went to family members like my mom's sisters as if I was possessed by something and told them that they were going to get a daughter or son, following a pregnancy that revealed accurate predictions. Most of my mom's sisters still think I am probably full of crap, but her brothers wife actually believes i'm some kind of oracle after I predicted her third child to be a highly gifted son, almost like a prodigy. At some point I started reading books on palmistry and accurately told people if they had divorced parents or other personality traits that could have evidently also just have been coincidences. I quit reading peoples hands at an early age, because I actually never believed in such irrational superstitions. Since some oracle in India predicted my future and everything turned out exactly the way he said, I turned mad trying to figure out why. For 8 years of my life I had to tell myself "this isn't happening". Until I stoped doing it to others and ended up finding out why it actually works.

For those of you who knew my posts on the 'Akashic Records', 'The Buddha in the Artist' and 'The Bearded Man', might be able to relate to what i'm about to write.

If post entries are in some way immutable, it makes blockchains really interesting to me. This is because I keep getting into situations where I think I might have predicted something. Is there really no way we could all have the ability to predict the future and many of us don't realise it? What if something happens the way we expect it or we get a hunch, maybe even some form of precognition? Would you label it a coincidence?

What happened to me is that I met the 'Buddha in the Artist' on that date again (11th of June). About 7 years since me and him met last. Almost exactly a year and a month after writing a post about him, I pass a place in the middle of no where while foraging for wild herbs. Now why would I do that? @naturalmedicine ! Living in a tent close to the forest, I past his camp site twice, but he obviously wasn't there or visible. I traveled the region since 2015 annually to visit a buddhist temple. To find him at that location was pretty random and not really on my way. If I would describe the circumstances of me chanting mantras and meditating close by, it would make this post even stranger. I tried getting in touch with him in 2015, when I returned from India. While in India, he sent me to get an intricately carved crystal for him. He must have forgotten about it when I returned a year later. I mentioned that I had a surprise for him if he'd meet me. We never made it. When I told him that we should really meet, he sent me his location. I stared at the screen and didn't believe my eyes. Now why would I specifically choose to meditate around 20 meters from where he lived? I had passed his site, circled it, been all over the valley and also visited a hill away in 2005 because it was a hot spot and a famous place for alleged UFO sightings.


In Akashic Records, I wrote about a Shaolin Monk and promised a post about him. A key person, in the akashic records series I will continue. I also encounter him again after 18 years with Kevin(The buddha in the artist) at the very same site. If you go to the post of the bearded man, you can see that I mention the hive mind on the 4th of July 2019 before communities and also way before the hard fork 0.23 on the 20th of March 2020. Maybe it was coined and I must have picked it up because it was in the air/entangled in our hive mind?

My Journey on this Blockchain surrounds holistic healing and I am a strong supporter of the #naturalmedicine community. I enjoy philosophy, reason, art, culinary journeys, elaborated hip hop music for sophisticated minds, crypto economics and much more.

'If the universe seeks perfection, you are surrounded with everything that didn't work out'-@yangyanje

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